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History of The JADE DOOR 

The Jade Door was founded by Kim Robinson in 2017 as part of her continued dedication to the Feminine Mysteries and Embodied Spirituality.  The mission of the Jade Door is to share holistic and cutting-edge knowledge for restoring the inner feminine and offer embodied practices for healing, personal discovery, and sexual sovereignty internationally.

Image by Kate Joyce

Image by Kate Joyce

I find Kim Robinson’s teachings to be deeply trustworthy, sacred and ancient. Her offerings are rooted in the depth and privacy of her own sacred practices, to which she is fiercely dedicated and ever-refining. I turn to Kim with my in-most questions and subtle explorations because I trust that she will always, without fail, point me back to the sacrality of the practice, to my own wisdom, my body, and to something ancient and ineffable that runs through us all.

— Sarah Byrden; The Body of Sex

Kim's Story

Kim’s first spiritual teachers were her parents.  At the age of 5 Kim received her first mantra and was taught how to listen to her breath to calm her spirit after having nightmares.  Kim’s father is a Daoist practitioner, Transcendental Meditation teacher and founder of The Church of Inner Guidance.   At the age of 8 Kim received her first initiation into the Mysteries when her mother began having her first psychotic episodes.   This put Kim on a clear path of understanding the importance of grounded, balanced and embodied spiritual practice as well as body-based trauma and shock resolution work.  It also introduced Kim to the importance of shadow in spiritual work and communities. 


Kim was raised amongst scientists, engineers, artists and healers.  Dinner conversations with Edgar Mitchel, Lynn Margulis, Ron Kurtz as well as countless other cultural creatives were some of the greatest blessings of her childhood.  Camping Trips with family friends may have included qigong rituals with Dashi Kocica, brief body-work sessions from a Rolfer, or stories about the early days of the Esalen Institute (where Kim lived as a child).  The many mentors of her early years are too many to name and she has deep gratitude for all of them. 


In 2001 Kim did her first Yoga Teacher Training at Om Yoga in New York City with Jennifer Brilliant who teaches Iyengar influenced Vinyasa.  During her time in New York City she was also greatly influenced by the teachings of Sharon Gannon and David Life of Jivamukti Yoga, the Daoist Teachings of Mantak Chia and Gabrielle Roth’s 5-Rhythms. 


In 2005 Kim graduated Magna Cum Laude from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a self-designed degree in Embodied Citizenship.  Her studies included working at the United Nations, teaching embodiment practices to immigrant children and studying the importance of embodiment practices in the modern era of globalization and technology.


In 2008 Kim moved with her partner Olin Christy to Santa Fe, New Mexico where she began her life as a farmer and private practice healer.  Kim attended the Santa Fe School of Massage and mentored with many astounding senior healers in the Santa Fe community.  She began her study of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Arvigo Therapy, Holistic Pelvic Care, Structural Integration, and Contemporary Shamanic Practice. 


In 2009, Kim was introduced to MogaDao Qigong by her friend and fellow teacher Autumn Kern.  These practices arrived at a time of deep personal discovery and healing and thus began a personal initiation into Evolutionary Daoist Practice with Master Zhenzan Dao as an immeasurable example and guide.  Zhenzan’s MogaDao Institute was the first to introduce her to jade egg practice and instill in her the foundations for this powerful and sacred practice.  Kim’s relationship to the Jade Egg immediately took on a life of it’s own—becoming a tool, a symbol and a synthesizer for all her previous and forthcoming studies and passions.


Over the years of private practice healing work, Kim has focused more and more on women’s health based on the needs of her community and her own passion for lost, ancient, holistic and cutting edge knowledge.  Kim has learned that some of the most important aspects of her private practice are empowering women with resources for education, self-care and spiritual practice to understand and heal. 


In 2017 Kim founded The Jade Door in order to bring this education to a wider audience.  The mission of the Jade Door is to share holistic and cutting-edge knowledge for restoring the inner feminine and offer embodied practices for healing, personal discovery, and sexual sovereignty internationally.   She hopes to be of service to humanity and the earth


Brief Bio

Kim Robinson is a dedicated holistic healer and educator of self-care for women. She offers private practice healing work as well as workshops and retreats for women around the world. Kim has over 18 years experience teaching yoga, meditation, qigong and dance and over 9 years of private bodywork practice focusing on women's health. Kim is known for her gentle and enthusiastic style that is grounded in deep personal dedication to the sacred Mystery of the body.

Gratitude, Credits and Highly Recommended Resources

Kim would like to thank and credit the teachers whose work and/or mentorship have inspired, influenced, confirmed and supported the Jade Door practices:

Luisa Kolker, Zhen Dao, Marion Woodman 1928-2018, Jeff Boehme, Rosita Arvigo, Scott Zamurut, Tami Kent, Jalaja Bonheim, Sunyata Saraswati 1941-2014.

What is Evolutionary Daoist Philosophy and Practice?

Evolutionary Daoist Philosophy and Practice are terms created by Kim to describe how these ancient philosophies and practices are evolving inside our modern context and bodies.  Just as a practitioner of Daoist Arts or Classical Chinese Medicine listens to the rhythms and pulses, studies the constitution, seeks to understand the season and the symptoms of the body in a holistic manner, so too, Evolutionary Daoist Philosophy and Practice is a response that continues to be born from attentive listening to the world body.  What medicines, philosophies and practices need to be emphasized in our globalizing world in order for humanity to continue on the path of health and harmony?  How can we support this world body in our everyday actions?  What are the themes that are emerging from the unconscious which need a strong container in order to be digested, transformed and ultimately brought to life?  

Kim founded The Jade Door as a direct result of many years of asking these questions while listening to her own body, the bodies of her clients and the bodies of her students.  She looks forward to how these philosophies and practices will continue to teach her and to how these practices will continue to evolve in order to be of service to humanity and the earth.  

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