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The Jade Door is the energetic and symbolic entryway through which we all entered when we were conceived.   For millennia nephrite Jade has symbolized the sacred and healing energy of the earth in different cultures all over the world.  At every moment our soul and spirit are passing through The Jade Door to conceive ourselves, to infuse the energy of our spirit into our flesh. 

The Jade Egg symbolizes creation here on Earth.   We work with the egg to heal all aspects of our relationship to our creative power.  We work with the egg to explore and to support ourselves in our embodiment journey—to learn from and listen to the wisdom of the living body so that we may be more alive at each moment.  Within the aliveness of the body is the infinite energy of the universe--allowing this energy to evolve within us is the Daosit practice of immortality. 

What Does JADE DOOR Practice Look Like? 

The first step in the JADE DOOR practices is the JADE EGG INITIATION.  In the initiation we choose our egg in a ritual context and begin the journey of receiving her symbolic power inside our energetic womb space.  This initiation can be received by all genders.  The initiation ignites our connection to the inner feminine, the energetic womb space as a shamanic departure point to the inner earth and cosmos.  

The next step in the JADE DOOR practices is an introduction to Evolutionary Daoist Philosophy and Energy Anatomy in which we discuss how the energy of the egg can be used in spiritual and physical practice and why it is such a powerful medicine for us in this moment in history.  

As we continue with the JADE DOOR practices, we learn tools and practices of self-care and exploration to heal our personal relationship to our creative powers, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.  This includes detailed anatomical and physiological lessons as well as discussion of shock and trauma resolution from an embodied energetic and shamanic perspective.  

The JADE DOOR practices include guided meditation and inner alchemy, self-massage and tools for self-assessment, daoist, yogic and intuitive movement practices, toning, dance, song and ritual healing.  


What are the benefits of Jade Door Practice?

  • Reproductive Health and Understanding
  • Healing of Core Physical, Structural, Energetic, Hormonal and Emotional Imbalances which can cause prolapse, painful menstruation, pain during sex, incontinence, menopausal discomfort etc.  
  • Empowerment and Education for Sexual Sovereignty
  • Learning how to synch your body with the rhythms of nature for greater ease in your everyday life
  • Pre and Post Natal healing, opening, strengthening and rejuvenation
  • Anatomical understanding which can empower you to make more informed decisions about your physical health 
  • Access to Inner Dimensions of the Earth and Cosmos for Personal Healing and Empowerment
  • Direct embodied connection to your desires as the gateway to your destiny
  • Vitality, Spiritual Clarity and Personal Dignity

IS JADE DOOR practice right for me? 

  • Do you have questions about how to integrate your sexual energy into your daily life?
  • Do you long to trust yourself to answer your most important and spiritual questions?
  • Do you want more education and empowerment about your feminine reproductive system?
  • Do you crave feminine ritual?
  • Have you been curious about the jade egg practice but haven’t found a teacher that you felt could hold its sensitivity and transformative power in deeply sacred environment?
  • Do you want to reduce underlying stress in your life and have tools of self-care that can help you stay vibrant in challenging moments?
  • Do you long to connect with the wisdom of your own soul and have access to her guidance, her support, her mystery and her radiance?
  • Are you a man or gender queer individual and longing to connect with and heal your inner feminine in order to have more tangible access to your own grounded and embodied spiritual practice?

If you answered Yes to Any of These Questions Then PLEASE JOIN US!


Principles of The Jade Door Practice


Our Body is God


Embodied Perception is Infinite


Embodied Experience is Truth


The Wisdom of the Body is Ultra-Rational


Love, Compassion, Generosity and Creativity are the Natural Manifestations of the Body


The Practice of Listening to, Learning from, and Supporting the Body is Spiritual Practice