Ancient and Evolutionary Jade Egg Practice To ResTore the Inner Feminine, Promote Embodied Spirituality, and REignite our DEstiny on Earth

The grace that is the health of creatures can only be held in common.
In healing the scattered members come together.
In health the flesh is graced, the holy enters the world.

The task of healing is to respect oneself as a creature, no more and no less.
A creature is not a creator, and cannot be. There is only one Creation, and we are its members.
To be creative is only to have health: to keep oneself fully alive in the Creation, to keep the Creation fully alive in oneself, to see the Creation anew, to welcome one’s part in it anew.
The way that becomes a way
is not the Immortal Way
the name that becomes a name
is not the Immortal Name
no-name is the maiden of Heaven and Earth
name is the mother of all things
thus in innocence we see the beginning
in passion we see the end
two different names
for one and the same
the one we call dark
the dark beyond dark
the door to all beginnings
— Lao-Tzu's Taoteching translated by red pine
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You are warmly invited to join me for this 90 minute introductory lecture and conversation hosted by the fabulous Jennifer Gleeson Blue.

Resurrecting the Cosmic Egg & Our Custodianship of Life

While the Jade Egg or Yoni Egg is currently being sold as a “tool” of the goddess movement in a mass marketed way, the relationship to the egg as a symbol and to the tool of a stone egg has lived with women since at least 3000 BCE and most likely before. Like most feminine practices of health, empowerment and spiritual authority, they were passed from woman to woman in the privacy of homes and in the circles of midwives, healers and adepts. In the last 2000 years the global systematic oppression and eradication of the feminine and embodied individual spiritual authority (which go hand in hand) have all but made these kinds of practices and understandings obsolete.

The Jade Door endeavors to assist each individual to reclaim their personal and embobodied spiritual authority. The Jade Door philosophies and practices represent a vital aspect of the creative force from which many of us have been severed to various degrees.