Vienna: Reclaiming Tantra

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Reclaiming Tantra: energy and Intimacy for spiritual Growth

An Introduction to the Tantric Sciences for singles and couples

Vienna, Austria: November 9-11, 2018


“To be intimate with another you must first be intimate with yourself. ”  -Master Teacher Jeffrey Boehme

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Join international teachers Kim Robinson and Jeffrey Boehme to explore the vast healing and transformative power of connecting your creative life force energy with conscious love.  Treat yourself to a joyful, expansive weekend and energize your healing journey through the beginning practices of the ancient arts of conscious spiritual intimacy with yourself or with a partner.

Love is the greatest healer and most powerful force of all.  By learning to consciously access the energy of love, to build, circulate and direct it, you can supercharge your personal growth and healing while experiencing exquisite levels of intimacy and powerful connection with yourself and in your relationships. 

We are multi-dimensional beings. As we heal and cultivate our awareness, we are able to connect on multi-dimensional levels with ourselves and our beloved.  The Creative Life Force is a powerful tool for personal transformation.  The energy that creates life can be cultivated and directed for healing and personal growth.   “If you want to be loved, make yourself more lovable.”  

In a safe and sacred workshop space you will learn the following:

  • Principles of accessing and integrating the creative life force energy

  • · How the physical body interacts with the energy bodies

  • · Techniques to generate increasing quantities of creative life force

  • · Techniques to transmute that energy and direct it to physical and emotional healing, creative expression and spiritual growth

  • · How to cultivate and contain creative life force energy to increase your daily vitality and well -being

  • · Techniques to develop your individuality and your personal expression

  • · Female anatomy and self-care to help heal and prevent issues such as uterine prolapse, painful periods, pain during sex, recovery from childbirth

  • · Male anatomy and self-care to help heal and prevent issues such as prostate problems, erectile dysfunction and low sperm count

  • · Techniques to deepen and expand intimate encounters with your loved one

  • · Techniques to use the creative life force energy generated in intimate encounters for personal healing and spiritual growth

  • · Principles to use relationship as a tool for personal and spiritual growth

  • · Qigong forms that access the archetypal energy of the masculine and feminine to increase your awareness and harmony with the natural forces of your body.

  • · Techniques to attract your ideal partner or increase the intimacy and depth in your current relationship

  • · Preparation for more advanced levels of transformational teachings and practices

These classes will be taught in a safe sacred space.  All practices will be done fully clothed.  Practices consist of gentle breathing and physical movements.  Most can be done seated, standing or lying down and can be practiced by those in almost any health condition and age.  

About Kim Robinson:

Kim Robinson is a teacher and lineage holder for the Feminine Alchemies.  She is the founder of The Jade Door, an international teaching organization whose mission is to share holistic cutting-edge knowledge for restoring the inner feminine and to offer embodied practices for healing, personal discovery, and sexual sovereignty.

Kim offers private practice healing work as well as workshops and retreats around the world.  She has over 15 years of experience teaching yoga, meditation, qigong and dance and over 8 years in private practice healing.  She is a senior teacher for the Mogadao Institute, a school of Daoist Arts that includes Qigong, Yoga, Gongfu and Depth Sexology.   

As a healing practitioner Kim focuses mostly but not exclusively on women’s health.   She has a passion for helping people have access to lost, ancient, holistic and cutting-edge knowledge and the healing it can support.  She is a Registered Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Practitioner, a Certified Practitioner in the Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Massage as well as Holistic Pelvic Care for Women and a dedicated member of Contemporary Shamanic Practice. Kim is known for her gentle and enthusiastic style which applies her precise understanding of cutting edge science with her grounded and deep personal dedication to the sacred Mystery of the body.

About Master Teacher Jeffrey Boehme:

For over 25 years, Master Teacher Jeffrey Boehme has studied and practiced esoteric spiritual sciences ranging from Kriya Jyoti Tantra and Chi Kung to the Western Mystery Traditions and Sound Current Meditation.  Upon reaching high levels of experience, awareness and proficiency, Master Teacher Boehme was charged by his instructors to bear the torch of wisdom and share the teachings with all sincere aspirants.  To do so, he founded the Spiritual Science Society, in which these teachings have been synthesized into a powerful program that can transform the life of practitioners in a comparatively short amount of time.  

Master Teacher Boehme is also an advocate for human rights, equality and social change.  He authored Blueprint for a Golden Society as a spiritual template to create a heart-based society using technology that exists today.  He just finished the rough draft of a more detailed plan to use existing technology and modern logistics to create a society of abundance and opportunity for all.  Check out for more info about Jeff.  


Friday 6:30pm -9:30pm, Saturday 10am -6pm, Sunday 10am-4:30pm   Yoga Shala, Vienna


Early Bird Discount: 275€ Available until October 9, 2018. (payments will be charged in US dollars at the exchange rate as of August thank you for your understanding)  

Regular Price: 290€ Euro (payments will be charged in US dollars at the exchange rate as of August thank you for your understanding)  

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This woman is a teacher in the truest sense; she has taken broad and detailed knowledge from the world, mixed it with wisdom of her own extensive experience, and imparts her truth with presence, gentleness and fortitude. And she does so in a way that meets you where you are at.
I find Kim Robinson’s teachings to be deeply trustworthy, sacred and ancient. Her offerings are rooted in the depth and privacy of her own sacred practices, to which she is fiercely dedicated and ever-refining. I turn to Kim with my in-most questions and subtle explorations because I trust that she will always, without fail, point me back to the sacrality of the practice, to my own wisdom, my body, and to something ancient and ineffable that runs through us all.
— Sarah Byrden