Vienna: The Jade Door #Complete Belonging

JADE EGg hot Springs Retreat, TRuth or consequences, New Mexico

April 17-21, 2019

Third Annual Easter Weekend Retreat

This is a celebration giveaway by Kim in honor of this yearly ritual. This retreat is 4 full days for the price of 3. Because we just want more!

Come join us and let yourself sink into feminine healing and nourishment!

Mothership Yoga Lounge

Wednesday 6:30pm - Sunday 1:00pm

Early Bird Discount until February 1, 2019:

$399 plus $60 for one pure nephrite jade egg  (same price as last year except with an additional day!).

Regular Price: $450 plus $60 for one pure nephrite jade egg

Scholarships and Payment Plans available. Some discounts for repeat initiates. Email  

Accommodations: There are a wide variety of accommodations in Truth or Consequences many with their own hot springs. Riverbend Hot Springs, La Paloma Hot Springs as well as many Airbnbs and Camping options. Individuals are responsible for their own accommodations~choose what’s right for you.

I find Kim Robinson’s teachings to be deeply trustworthy, sacred and ancient. Her offerings are rooted in the depth and privacy of her own sacred practices, to which she is fiercely dedicated and ever-refining. I turn to Kim with my in-most questions and subtle explorations because I trust that she will always, without fail, point me back to the sacrality of the practice, to my own wisdom, my body, and to something ancient and ineffable that runs through us all.
— Sarah Byrden

Learning the Jade Door practices is about having free and skilled access to your power and being able to use it consciously for your truest desires.  

For thousands of years women from various cultures including China have used an egg shaped stone inside the vagina as part of their self-care and spiritual practice. In recent years, this fascination with “yoni eggs” has spread into mainstream culture in various ways. 

In the Jade Door practices the Jade Egg Initiation seeks to start women on a path of well-informed and self-empowered jade egg practice that is firmly rooted in sacred Daoist understandings while also incorporating current knowledge and science of women’s health. 

During this initiation weekend you will be introduced to Evolutionary Daoist Philosophy and Energy Anatomy. We will practice many qigong forms for women and we will discuss how the energy of the egg can be used in spiritual and physical practice and why it is such a powerful medicine for us in this moment in history. 

We will learn tools and practices of self-care and exploration to heal our personal relationship to our creative powers and the uterine organ system, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. This includes detailed anatomical and physiological lessons as well as discussion of shock and trauma resolution from an embodied energetic and shamanic perspective. 

The Jade Door practices include:
- Guided meditation and inner alchemy
- Self-massage and tools for self assessment
- Qigong toning
- Daoist, Yogic and intuitive movement practices
- Dance, song and ritual healing.  


- Feminine Reproductive Health and Understanding
- Healing of Core Physical, Structural, Energetic, Hormonal and
Emotional Imbalances which can cause prolapse, painful
menstruation, pain during sex, incontinence etc.  
- Empowerment and Education for Sexual Sovereignty
- Learning how to synch your body with the rhythms of nature for
greater ease in your everyday life
- Anatomical understanding which can empower you to make more
informed decisions about your physical health
- Access to Inner Dimensions of the Earth and Cosmos for Personal
- Direct embodied connection to your desires as the gateway to your
- Vitality, Spiritual Clarity and Personal Dignity

When we enter this circle we walk
through the jade door—
the shamanic departure point
into to the inner feminine,
the inner cosmos, 
and the rhythms of the earth. 

In the Jade Egg Initiation
we choose our egg in a ritual context
and begin the journey of receiving her
symbolic power inside
our energetic womb space. 


- Do you have questions about how to integrate your sexual energy
into your daily life?
- Do you long to trust yourself to answer your most important and
spiritual questions?
- Do you want more education and empowerment about your
feminine reproductive system?
- Do you crave feminine ritual?
- Do you want to reduce underlying stress in your life and have tools
of self-care that can help you stay vibrant in challenging moments?
- Do you long to connect with the wisdom of your own soul and have
access to her guidance, her support, her mystery and her